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Tsakountis 2 6

MICHAIL TASKOUNTIS Rolly--Never found them again, 2009 Oil on canvas 36 x 30"


Nov 17, 2009 - Jan 23, 2010

The Greek artist, Michail Tsakountis, is a graduate of the Schola Kalon Technou ( School of Fine Arts) in Athens. His work has been seen in exhibitions in Athens, London and New York.

The title of the present collection— The Naked Visage —was suggested by Dr. Peter Weiermair who said Michail’s mastery of human physiognomy succeeds in suggesting not only the nakedness of the entire person (i.e., his body), but also the nakedness of the soul within.

Four of the paintings are inspired by the poems of the great Greek poet, Constantine Cafavy. A fragment of each poem is incorporated in the titles of the relevant paintings. The poems are here available for your perusal.

December 1903 (1904)

Even though I may not speak about my love—
I may not talk about your hair, or your lips, or your eyes;
still your face, which I keep inside my soul;
the sound of your voice, which I keep inside my mind;
the September days that dawn within my dreams;
my words and phrases take their shape and color from these,
whatever subject I may touch upon, whatever idea I may be speaking of.

—Constantine Cavafy
Translated from the Greek by Daniel Mendelsohn