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azt Andrea e Giuseppe (1), 2012 Pigment print on paper 12.6 x 18.5"

DIARIES: An Anthology of Photography from Italy

Dec 15, 2012 - Feb 03, 2013

Every anthology has a different aim.

Diaries is an anthology of personal experience. This exhibition presents the work of eleven artists who live or work in Italy. They belong to different generations and are accomplished in a wide variety of artistic professions. This exhibition provides an opportunity to see the work they make for themselves.

Photography is the ideal medium for a diary, as it allows each artist to engage it with a distinct, personal style. These private records range from documentary to staged images of desire, sexuality and eroticism, in which the artists or models are presented as lovers, friends or archetypal ideals. They are expressed in themes of cross-dressing, comedy, and playful mini-dramas and through references to literature and classic Italian art.

Diaries are a window between the inner and outer worlds. Among these images we can each find at least one page from our own diary.