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Nitzberg Doug Yale

CHUCK NITZBERG Doug, 2007 Crayon & pencil on paper 5.5 x 5.5"


Feb 06 - Feb 11, 2007

by Jim Eigo
From THE ARCHIVE: No. 22: Winter 2007

I’m was already looking forward to the next batch of boys for sale, and before “Boy Bordello” closed, the fourth installment of “Dirty Little Drawings” opened in its midst. From February 6 through 10, lovers of hot all-male art were able to buy drawings from Workshop artists, all 5.5 by 5.5 inches, at $60 a pop! Some 800 works were hung at one time on temporary walls. As drawings were purchased and removed, hundreds of others took their places, so this show-within-a-show was never the same show twice. Given the optical profusion of “Boy Bordello” alone, would I be able to negotiate the addition of all those “Dirty Little Drawings” and not black out? Before I succumbed I managed to buy a god in a jockstrap from Chuck Nitzberg, a fantasia on classic male flesh from Gary Speziale and a William Donovan boy in blue with the creamiest ass in creation.