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Alex Schmidt, Power Bottom (still), 2018. Video, 8hrs. © the artist. Special thanks to Sarah Salovaara, Jolie Signorile, and Lily the Horse Tamer.


Oct 03 - Oct 28, 2018

GROUP FAIL PONY PLAY is an eco-utopic queer habitat that references such divergent sites as equine-assisted therapy, playgrounds, bathhouses, and sex parties through ceramics, quilting, rug tufting, performance video, and live programming. This site-specific multimedia installation in the Museum’s Living Room Gallery functions as both an earnest ameliorative refuge and a self-reflexive parody of queer utopic daydreams. The project unifies sculptural practices, improvisational comedy, and shameless amateurism to posit queerness as a conduit for community building, a gesture of spontaneous world-building, and a liminal space nurturing both laughter and self-care.

As part of the exhibition, on October 4, the artist will be present for a soft opening during the Museum’s regular extended evening hours from 6-8PM. On October 16, Schmidt and Lily Marotta will co-host Queer Speed Cruising, an event for a wide spectrum of queirdos to matchmake with lovers, subletters, skillshares, and more. RSVP here. She will also team up with Black + Pink, on October 25, to host Pen-Pal Orientation & Matching: an opportunity to become acquainted with Black + Pink’s mission and to support our LGBTQI+ family behind bars. RSVP here.

Alex Schmidt (née @bodyconfidence) is a comedian who makes sculptures. Schmidt is the founder and co-captain of @dykesoccer and a chapter organizer for Black + Pink. She has also taught improv to senior citizens as a SU-CASA Artist-in-Residence (2018). Schmidt has performed at MoMA PS1, the Kitchen, PERFORMA, and American Medium. She has exhibited sculptures as part of a solo presentation at Rachel Comey (2016). Schmidt’s work has been featured in Dazed & Confused Magazine, Cosmopolitan, New York Magazine, and Art 21.