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Howell228 1 L

GEOFF HOWELL Bright Future: Bian Kenny & Slave Mogutin, 2010 Charcoal on vellum with artist tape, mounted on walnut plywood 72 x 72" L2009.228.1

DRAWN TOGETHER: Works on Paper

Feb 17, 2010 - Apr 03, 2010

Though they both create work that is sexually and politically charged, Robert W. Richards and Brian Kenny, with their divergent artistic styles, might seem unlikely collaborators. Their process starts with one of the pair (Richards, in this example) independently producing a drawing, then giving it to the other (Kenny, in this case) for additional embellishments and commentary based on their differing generational and societal perspectives. The result is unique and subversive, a witty, ironic commentary on contemporary gay themes.