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Online tour with Anna Parisi, Anna Costa e Silva, and Nina Terra

Online tour with Anna Parisi, Anna Costa e Silva, and Nina Terra (Portuguese and English)

Dec 09, 2022 - Dec 09, 2022

Friday, December 9 6:00 – 7:30pm in Eastern Time (US and Canada) – Portuguese Language and English Translation

Join Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art 2021 Fellow and Teaching Artist, Anna Parisi, with artists Anna Costa e Silva and Nina Terra for an evening conversation, highlighting works from our current exhibition "INDECENCIA." This online program will happen in Portuguese, with English translations for a local and international audience, inviting audiences of all ages to listen in and engage in conversation around a few select works on view chosen by the teaching artist.

INDECENCIA, curated by Nicolás Dumit Estévez Raful Espejo Ovalles, brings together a cohort of queer/rare* artists from Latin America and/or of Latin American descent and living in the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean or in-between spaces/identities, whose praxes center on performance art and ephemeral actions. From the perspective of several generations, countries, and sociopolitical contexts, these artists invite us to consider Latinidad/Latinxidad and its relationship to religion, enfleshment, and sexuality. Their inquiries extend—through videos, props, scripts, costumes, and other channels—to the disjointed corpus of an entire hemisphere where, for many, the colonized and the colonizer can easily wrestle within a single body.

O Leslie Lohman Museum apresenta a artista plástica Anna Parisi, bolsista docente do programa para artistas de 2021 e artista educadora do museu. Juntem-se à nós para uma tarde de conversas participativas com foco nas obras da presente exposição “INDECENCIA”. Esse encontro online será conduzido em português, com tradução para o inglês. Esse evento está aberto ao público de todas as idades a ouvir e conversar sobre algumas obras selecionadas da exposição.

Anna Parisi is an Afro-Brazilian multidisciplinary artist, writer, and curator working with collage, video, and sculpture. She is an Artist Fellow at the Leslie Lohman Museum and a John and Lynn Kearney Fellow at Gallery Affero. Through her practice, she creates works that provoke and evoke visceral, cathartic experiences around racial politics, inviting engagement by allowing space for self-reflection, vulnerability, and healing. Dismantling and opposing the vicious apparatuses of hegemonic patriarchy, colonialism, and systemic violence inspires her artistic practice. Her work has been exhibited in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Anna Parisi é uma artista plástica brasileira multidisciplinar que trabalha com pesquisas que questionam os sistemas hegemônicos patriarcais, heteronormativos e raciais. Destinatária do Leslie Lohman Museum Artist Fellowship e do John and Lynn Kearney Fellowship na Galeria Affero, ela foi uma das artistas escolhidas para o programa Taller Creative Capital de 2019. Suas obras foram exibidas em exposições e bienais em diversos museus e galerias nos Estados Unidos, Brasil, Europa e Ásia. Atualmente ela mora no Brooklyn, em Nova York.

Nina Terra is an Artist-therapist. Graduated in Psychology, Art Therapy, Yoga, Dance and post-graduated in Pedagogy of Cooperation. She has studied singing for 12 years and relates body, voice and flow state. Creator of the DANÇA-RITO experience, she performs ritual and relational art, proposes experiences of connection, presence and body expression for companies and groups and performs individual therapeutic services

Anna Costa e Silva (Rio de Janeiro, 1988) works with constructed situations between people that challenge the limits between reality and fiction, self and other, experience and memory. Interested in the states between awareness and sleep, the suspension of time, the silenced shouts of women. Her projects happen in the intersections between visual, performing arts and social practice and unfold in installations, films, or ephemeral situations. Anna holds an MFA in Visual Arts by the School of Visual Arts, NY, and has won awards such as FOCO ArtRio, American Austrian Award and was a PIPA prize nominee . In 2022, she is part of the Mercosul Biennial and winner of Terremoto Ubisoft artist residency (Canada) and Franklin Furnace Performance Art Grant (US). Her work has been shown at BienalSur (Buenos Aires), Art in Odd Places (NY), Contemporary Art Center (Vilnius), Pivô, Superfície Gallery, Oi Futuro, Paço Imperial, A Gentil Carioca (Brazil), among others and is part of public collections such as Rio de Janeiro Museum of Art and Instituto Moreira Salles. She teaches ArtLife Practices at Parque Lage School of Visual Arts.

Image description: A series of three photos next to each other showing left to right, Nina Terra, Anna Parisi, and Anna Costa e Silva. Nina has long hair looks directly at the camera with a slight smile, Anna Parisi's has short hair with arms folded and is looking down and to the right with a big smile, Anna Cost e Silva has long hair gazes directly at the camera with plants in the foreground.


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