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Thanks to the following people who have offered suggestions as to sources and names for this list: Alex Bacon, Anna Canepa, Tee A. Corinne, David Duckworth, Paul Knobel, Norman Laurila, Charles Leslie, Tai Lin, Fritz Lohman, Harvey Redding, Rob Hugh Rosen, Jim Saslow, Tom Saettel, Sur Rodney (Sur), George Towne, Wayne Snellen.

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The following books and catalogs were also consulted:
  Culture of Queer, The. David Rubin, curator. Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, LA, 2005; catalog for show. ISBN 13:978-0-9702670-9-2 (Available from LLGAF)
  Extended Sensibilities. Homosexual Presence in Contemporary Art. October 16 -- December 30, 1982. Catalog of exhibition at The New Museum, NYC. Daniel J. Cameron, guest curator.
  Fully Exposed. The Male Nude in Photography. Emmanuel Cooper.1995. Routledge, London. 296 pp. with illustrations.
  The Guerrilla Girls’ Bedside Companion to the History of Western Art . The Gurellia Girls. 1998. Penquin Books. Paperbook. 95 pp. with illustrations.
  Hard to Imagine: Gay Male Eroticism in Photography and Film from Their Beginnings to Stonewall. Thomas Waugh, New York: Columbia University Press, 1996; 470 pp. with Index. Illustrated.
  Hidden Histories. 20th Century Male Same Sex Lovers in the Visual Arts. Michael Petry. Artmedia Press. 2004. 144 pp with illustrations. Leslie-Lohman contributed several images for the catalog. ISBN 1 902889 10 X
  Homoerotic Photograph, The. Male Images from Durieu/Delacroix to Mapplethorpe. Allen Ellenzweig. 1992. Columbia University Press, NYC. 230 pp. with illustrations. Essential and highly recommended reading.
  Lesbian Art. An Encounter with Power. Elizabeth Ashburn. 1996. Craftsman House, Australia. 152 pp. with illustrations.
  Lesbian Art in America. A Contemporary History. Harmony Hammond. 2000. Rizzoli International Pub., Ltd. ISBN: 0-8478-2248-6. 208 pp. with illustrations. LLGAF is mentioned in Note 247, p. 197. The first on lesbian art in America and a really excellent book. Essential and highly recommended reading.
  Out in Art. Catalog of exhibition with introduction by Nick Stanley. 1986, GMP Publishers Ltd, London. 63 pp. with illustrations.
  Out/Lines. Underground Gay Graphics from before Stonewall. Thomas Waugh. 2002. Arsenal Pulp Press, Vancouver. ISBN: 1-55152-123-7. 296 pp. with 200 illustrations. LLGAF (Blade) is highly visible in this book. Essential and highly recommended reading.
  Pictures and Passions A history of homosexuality in the visual arts. James M. Saslow. 1999. Viking, NYC. ISBN: 0-670-85953-2. 342 pp. with illustrations. LLGAF is represented in this important book with several quotes by Charles Leslie and a reproduction of a Neel Bate drawing from LLGAF's permanent collection. Essential and highly recommended reading.
  Queer Encyclopedia of the Visual Arts, The. Claude J. Summers, Ed. Cleis Press. glbtq. Inc. 2004. 373 pp. with illustrations. Entry on Leslie-Lohman by Douglas Turnbaugh. ISBN 1-57344-191-0. Paperback.
  Sexual Perspective, The. Homosexuality and Art in the Last 100 Years in the West. Emmanuel Cooper. Second edition 1986. Routledge, London. 369 pp. with illustrations. ISBN: 0-415-11100-5. Essential and highly recommended reading.
Also a number of websites, especially:
  Gay History & Literature -- Essays by Rictor Norton

An Encyclopedia of GLBTQ Culture

Gay Art Gallery

Queer Arts Resource

Tom of Finland Foundation

Adonis Art of London

Famous GLBT People (or who tried it at least once...)

Queer Cacus for Art

Lesbian Photography on the U.S. West Coast 1972 - 1997 by Tee A. Corinne

  Plus many suggestions from the "friends" of Leslie/Lohman. Thank you all.
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