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Now for that brief explanation of the search page…

HOME: Clicking on the HOME entry will take one to the opening (home) screen of the website. One can also click on the logo at the top of the screen to arrive at the same home page.

CLICK & SEARCH: The best search function is to use the CLICK & SEARCH which will bring up a full alphabet for several categories, such as Artist, Title, Medium, etc. A drop down box will appear where you can select an individual artist, title, medium, etc., for that letter of the alphabet. Then you can click on the images that are found for a full view.

KEYWORDS: With this search you can enter any word to search for medium, title, credit, object name, etc. The search will bring up images that have been cataloged with those particular keywords.

ADVANCED SEARCH: With this search screen one can search on several criteria at once and quickly narrow your range of results. You can even specify the order in which the records are displayed.

RANDOM IMAGES: A quick way to become familiar with the collection is to select RANDOM IMAGES. You can then click on MORE RANDOM IMAGES at the top or bottom of each page to see more. From there you can click on an image to see a larger version. If you want to see the full details (size, media, date, etc.) about the work, click on FULL DATA.

SEARCH RESULTS: Gives one the full search results screen(s).

HELP: Clicking on HELP takes one to a long explanation of the various steps to finding the work you are interested in in a more visual way than this page.


We hope you find this helpful and enjoy looking at the work.


Introduction to the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art Online Database

Online Database Search Page
Before going to the search page you may find it helpful to read the explanation of the various methods and steps to search and explore the database.

Also before going to the search page you may like to know that currently there are 1,322 accessioned images online from the Leslie-Lohman Museum database. Please be aware that this is not the full extent of the collection. The full collection is still being cataloged and photographed. Its real number is over 24,000 works. The online database will be updated as new objects are accessioned to the permanent collection; be sure to check back to see additional works that are added. 


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