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Submitting Guest Curatorial Proposals

The Leslie Lohman Museum uses a guest curator model meaning that all shows are designed by guest curators. If you would like to be a guest curator download a request for proposal here, Guest Curatorial Proposal Guidlines,

and submit it to us as outlined in the attachment.


Submitting Artwork For Review by Guest Curators

Artists can submit artwork which the museum will keep on file and make available to guest curators. The Director and/or curators for upcoming exhibitions select work based upon the following curatorial policy:

The Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art offers exhibitions of work that speaks to the LGBTQ experience and might be denied access to mainstream venues due to subject matter or institutional bias, and of high esthetic quality or of significant cultural importance.

The subject matter of the work may be erotic, romantic, political, transgressive (challenging existing mores and norms), documentary, conceptual, intimate, educational, romantic or social. It may be historic or contemporary work. Exhibitions can contain work from emerging and established artists. The Museum seeks to display works that are national and international in scope. Work by artists not identified as LGBTQ are permitted as long as it meets this Curatorial Policy. Work in all media, including two-dimensional, three-dimensional and time-based work is eligible for inclusion.


For instructions on how to submit work, review our Submission Guidelines


Submitting Articles for Publication
in the Journal: The Archive

The Museum accepts for review articles for inclusion in its journal, The Archive. Articles must be pertinent to the purview of the Museum, typed, double spaced and submitted to the Managing Editor, The Archive, for review.


Donating Art Work to the Museum
The LLM is a public non-profit, tax exempt foundation and accepts art work from artists estates and wills, as well as, art from individuals. If you would like to donate art to the Museum email, write or call about what it is that you intend to donate along with a photograph or JPG of the work(s). Your intentions will be reviewed by the Acquisitions Committee and you will be contacted about the results of their review and how to proceed from there.


Appraising Art

Please note that the Museum cannot legally appraise a work of art donated to it. This is the responsibility of the donor. The employees and volunteers of LLM are not professional appraisers. LLM can suggest appraisers and/or where to find such services..  

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