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Da Ping Luo, Banana Split, NYC Pride, 2013, Digital Print, 40 x 60 in. Courtesy the artist.

May 6 - 7, 12 - 6pm


Out for the Run

Da Ping Luo

An exhibition of the photography from Da Ping Luo and others from the archives of Front Runners New York. In 2009, Luo joined Front Runners, an LGBT running club, to get back in shape and make new friends. He became fascinated with the club’s contribution to the gay community. Through the club, everyday LGBT athletes discover identity, community, fitness, family and even careers. Luo highlights this new level of interaction beyond the bars, parties and protests that form the stereotypes of gay life. This body of work is intended to expand people’s perception of the gay community. In addition to his own photography, Luo includes memorabilia that spans the history of the club. A documentary under the same title is underway.

Da Ping Luo was born in Guangdong, China in 1985, and immigrated to the United States as an infant. After graduating from Manhattan School of Music in 2007, Luo worked in the performing arts industry as an administrator for Orpheus Chamber Orchestra and Park Avenue Armory. Since 2012, he has cultivated a roster of photography clients which includes the Park Avenue Armory, New York Road Runners, Leslie Lohman Museum, GMHC, and many others. His photographic style is primarily documentary.


Opening: Friday, May 5, 6-8 pm

Prince Street Project Space


Ken Gonzales-Day, The Wonder Gaze (St. James Park), 2009, Wallpaper, wall vinyl, 7 x 16 feet. Courtesy the artist.

Summer 2017


Found: Queerness As Archeology

Curated by Avram Finkelstein

Found: Queerness as Archeology is a survey of up-and-coming artists trained for the trail, socioanthropologists of the queer. To be queer is to be an archeologist: in order to find traces of ourselves in a world that prefers us hidden, we excavate. We sift through the past for clues about ourselves, driven by our own impulse for survival.

Fritz Lohman Gallery


Barbara Hammer, Still from Double Strength, 1978, 16mm film. Courtesy the artist.

Fall 2017


Barbara Hammer

Curated by Staci Bu Shea and Carmel Curtis

Bringing together both known and previously unseen works of film and video, installations, works on paper, and material from her archive, this exhibition addresses critical themes that appear in Barbara Hammer’s work, including: lesbian representation, subjectivity and sexuality; intimacy and sensation; and conditions and maintenance of life and illness.

Fritz Lohman Gallery


Laurel Sparks, Chemical Wedding, 2014
Gouache, ink, polymer medium, gesso, dirt, paper mache, collage,
fabric, graphite, markers, glitter, cut holes, linen, canvas, 23 x 23 in. Courtesy the artist.

Early 2018


Haptic Tactics

Curated by Risa Puleo, Daniel Sander, and Noam Parness

Haptic Tactics is an exhibition that seeks to develop new ways of thinking about and engaging with contemporary abstract work made by queer artists. This exhibition seeks to expand the conceptions of queerness beyond same-sex object choice to the eroticism and sensuous qualities of materials, animate and inanimate.

Fritz Lohman Gallery

Schedule and dates are subject to change. Please check back often for updated information.  

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