Leslie Lohman Museum



February 25 - February 26, 12 - 6pm


Queer Today: Portraits Of A Family Extended

Yuki James

The faces of queer people have always been diverse, but more than ever, now, due to social media, pop culture, and a recent paradigm shift in the general sentiment towards gays and lesbians (despite attempts to derail the progress made), the visibility of queer people has expanded. People of color and varied religious backgrounds are coming to the forefront, as well as those identifying as transgender as the struggle shifts towards trans rights and equality. Also the birth of a new and vibrant generation of gender non-conforming youth is hallmark to this era. Yuki James' work is a celebration of diversity within the queer community today, the people who have brought us here, and those who are leading us into new frontiers.

Opening Reception: February 24, 6 - 8pm


Opening March 10, 2017


Expanded Visions: Fifty Years of Collecting

Our inaugural exhibition in the newly renovated and vastly expanded Museum space, Expanded Visions: Fifty Years of Collecting, is a historic collection show with approximately 250 works on view. Expanded Visions mines the rich cultural coffers of the Museum's collection to trace the evolution of our institution, amid decades of shifting social conditions. The exhibition presents a survey of the collection initiated by the Museum co-founders, Charles Leslie and Fritz Lohman, who have spent more than 50 years amassing artworks that speak directly to the LGBTQ experience. Their early efforts yielded one of the most unique archives of work that would have otherwise been lost or destroyed, which comprises the core of the Museum’s collection that now houses more than 30,000 objects.

Public Opening: March 10, 6 - 8 pm

Schedule and dates are subject to change. Please check back often for updated information.  

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