Leslie Lohman Museum



August 14 - October 25, 2015

On the Domestic Front: Scenes of Everyday Queer Life

Curated by James M. Saslow


On the Domestic Front: Scenes of Everyday Queer Life features some 70 works drawn mostly from the Leslie-Lohman Museum collection and answers the question, "What do gay people do when they're not having sex?" These diverse works demonstrate the uniqueness as well as the universality of everyday queer life. It is a unique opportunity to see works from the Museum’s that in some cases have never been exhibited.

The exhibition’s theme is timely in a decade that has seen the unprecedented mushrooming of same-sex marriage, child-rearing, and domesticity increase in acceptance both legally and socially. The thrust of queer politics has shifted from asserting our right to be different and erotic toward demanding the right to do what everyone else does. “Domestic front,” is a military metaphor that stresses the essential contribution that daily living must continue even in wartime, as with the soldiers during war on the “battle front.” Living queer lives has long been an active battle front in America’s ongoing culture wars. Now, the queer fight has shifted from our right to be different toward the right to be “normal” and unremarkable. Queer genre imagery is a weapon in our battle to secure what we might call the radicality of the ordinary.

Opening Reception: August 14, 6 - 8 pm


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Main Gallery

The Tenth

August 22 - August 23, 2015

The Tenth America, Vol. 2
Zine Launch & Exhibition

Curators/Editors: Khary Speth, Kyle Banks & Andre Jones


The Tenth goes to Hollywood (and other rest stops): America, Vol. 2

The Tenth zine's second installment (Vol. 2) of their Americana Issue is an exploration of the Black Gay American terrain and psyche. It's meant to invoke individualism and it's a manifestation of the Black Gay pioneering spirit. It's like Jimi Hendrix's Star Spangled Banner or Glenn Ligon's America -- part inversion, part homage, all anecdote for self-discovery and self-preservation. It's the boys of The Tenth hitting the road and letting rebellion prevail over boredom while on a 5,000-mile journey to collaborate with over 100 of the country's most dynamic Black LGBT artists and thinkers and makers. From New Hampshire to Seattle, ideas from INDUSTRY to HOLLYWOOD are explored though essays, interviews, writings and a full range of visual arts -- and in the process, the editors of The Tenth have developed an authentic epistemology of Black/Gay/Queer America in 2015 through the eyes of its most dreamy and dreaming inhabitants, all while radically asserting that they too, have just as much of a right to re-color the "collective American consciousness" as anyone else.

Opening Reception: August 21, 6 - 8 pm

Main Gallery

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