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June 5 - August 3, 2014


After Our Bodies Meet: From Resistance to Potentiality

Curated by Alexis Heller.


An exhibition that explores queer feminist artists’ responses to dominant notions about the body from the 1970s to present day. Reflecting the ever-growing diversity of feminist art, this exhibition provides a cross-cultural examination of how artists represent the body to challenge past and present forms of oppression and to envision a queer future.

After Our Bodies Meet traces the efforts of contemporary queer artists within the legacy of early feminist art. Bridging these historic and contemporary endeavors not only honors the pioneers of gender-conscious art but also highlights the evolution of feminist thought within artistic representations of queer bodies, including some that question the gender binary on which feminism was first conceived..

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June 29 – September 7, 2014


Los Angeles


ONE Archives Gallery & Museum
626 North Robertson Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069

The exhibition at the ONE Gallery is the first west coast showing of works drawn from the collections of the Leslie Lohman Museum in New York, and is a condensed preview of a show to open at the Leslie Lohman Museum in October 2014. Find location, hours, and parking information about the ONE Gallery here.

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July 18 – September 28, 2014


Robert Figueroa: Tom, Dick, and Harry: The Everyday Man Series


Many people develop relationships through various forms of social media, (Facebook, LinkedIn, Grinder, etc.) often first "knowing" another only through a simple profile picture. We make instant decisions and judgments based on those pictures, processing attraction, indifference and at times, rejection. These profile pictures say a lot about how we want to be perceived and how we create new relationships, be them professional or personal. Through those on-line portraits, we make decisions about entering a conversation, sharing intimate details, and in some instances, human contact.

This installation, by Fort Lauderdale based artist Robert Figueroa, uses photographic portraits of society’s idealized males as portrayed through action figure dolls. Each portrait is sized at one-sixth human scale, printed in a classic Polaroid-like format, giving an immediate temporal sense to each portrait. In presenting these images, the artist asks us to examine feelings of attraction and rejection of others though social media. Can we feel we know someone based solely on their online profile photographs? Is it possible for an inanimate toy to provoke the same feelings? Which one would best document how you would like to represent yourself? Which one would you start a conversation with?

Opening Reception: July 18, 6-8 pm


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PRINCE ST. PROJECT SPACE: 127-B Prince St., NYC 10012
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