Leslie Lohman Museum

Charles Leslie and Fritz Lohman: Five Decades of Collection Art

November 11 - December 20, 2003




Exhibition Postcard
Main Gallery:
FORBIDDEN VISIONS: Charles Leslie and Fritz Lohman: Five Decades of Collection Art
Selections from the permanent collection.

Two essays printed in conjunction with the exhibition:

Is There Such a Thing as Gay or Lesbian Visual Art? by Lester Strong
"...The conclusion is clear: To be seen, to be acknowledged — let alone to be taken seriously — in the art world, self-identified lesbian and gay art still faces major hurdles. Despite taking hits, homopobia is alive and well among those determined to defend the heterosexist status quo — and that includes many people who control access to the art world's galleries, museums, and collectors..." read more...


EXHIBITION-ISM An Appreciation of Charles and Fritz by James M. Saslow

"Those above a certain age will remember the longtime ad slogan for Blackglama furs, "What becomes a legend most?" The answer, for such grande dame photo subjects as Marlene Dietrich, was a mink coat. For Charles Leslie and Fritz Lohman, who have become legendary in their own time and place, the answer is this exhibition..." read more...


Trivero Hall:
JOSEPH RADOCCIA: Within the Mystery of Shadow
Painting Under the Spell of Madagascar. A visual and audio installation.





Members Gallery:
WILHELM VON GLOEDEN in the permanent collection

"...From time to time a moment of artistic ferment burgeons in a place so remote and unlikely that the phenomenon can only be regarded as — well — surprising. Such a place was Taormina, Sicily at the turn of the 19th/20th centuries where an outburst of artistic enterprise resulted in the production of one of the most astonishing bodies of art photography ever created. It was the work of a singular, obsessed talent; the German baron, Wilhelm Von Gloeden (1856 - 1931)...." read more...

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