Leslie Lohman Museum



City of Pietrasanta (upper); Carrara Quarries (lower)

September 10 – September 16, 2017


Anna Canepa International presents a Special Tour for the Leslie-Lohman Museum: Pietrasanta, Italy

Pietrasanta, a lovely medieval town known for its marble and bronze workshops, artists and monuments on the coast of northern Tuscany about 20 miles north of Pisa, is one of the most qualified centers for the art of the sculpture where numerous artisan studios and foundries are scattered in the town. Key tour highlights include a visit to the Carrara quarries, a private guided tour of the legendary Gori Collection; and a visit to the recently extensively renovated Pecci Museum. You’ll also visit various artist studios with a private visit to Fonderie Artistche Mariani for a demonstration of bronze sculpture fabrication. You’ll stay at a luxury B&B and dine at several incredible local restaurants. For details and to reserve your space, contact Anna Canepa at 212-758-4719, or annacanepa@aol.com

Schedule and dates are subject to change. Please check back often for updated information.

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