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February 13 - May 3, 2015


Irreverent: A Celebration of Censorship

Curated by Jennifer Tyburczy


Inspired by the creative and activist responses to the censorship of Robert Mapplethorpe’s art in the 1980s and 1990s and the more recent withdrawal of David Wojnarowicz’s A Fire in My Belly from the National Portrait Gallery in 2010, Irreverent explores how sexuality has been, and continues to be, used as a tool to prohibit LGBTQ cultural artwork.

Opening Reception: February 13, 6-8 pm


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Event Leslie-Lohman Speakers Series

Friday, April 3, 6:30 – 8:30 pm


Artist and Curator Panel


Alex Donis, Michelle Handelman, Kimi Tayler, and Barbara Nitke
joining curator, Jennifer Tyburczy to discuss current exhibition Irreverent: A Celebration of Censorship. The artists and curator will consider the historical, cultural, and political ways in which censorship of queer artwork has inspired and expanded LGBTQ art in the U.S. and around the world.

Event Leslie-Lohman Speakers Series

Wednesday, April 8, 6:30 – 8:30 pm


One Lesbian Feminist: Taking Space and Making Place


Sheila Pepe is best known for her large-scale, ephemeral installations and sculpture made from domestic and industrial materials. Since the mid-1990s Pepe has used feminist and craft traditions to investigate received notions concerning the production of canonical artwork as well as the artist's relationship to museum display and the art institution itself.

Event Leslie-Lohman Speakers Series

Wednesday, April 22, 6:30pm - 8:30pm


The Body As Social Sculpture


Heather Cassils will be elaborating on the idea that our bodies are often formed in relation to societal expectations. Cassils will talk about their two most recent works "Cuts: A Traditional Sculpture" and "Becoming An Image" and unpack the process, historical context and points of inspiration which inform these works. Additionally Cassils will discuss their new works in progress and share yet to be seen excerpts with the audience.

Event Speaker

Saturday, May 2, 6:30pm - 8:30pm


Noah Michelson


Noah Michelson is the Executive Editor of Gay Voices at The Huffington Post. Noah received his MFA in poetry from New York University, and his poems have been featured in The New Republic, The Best American Erotic Poetry from 1800 to the Present, and other publications. Before joining The Huffington Post, Noah served as Senior Editor at Out magazine, and he has also contributed to Details and Blackbook and served as a commentator on CNN, BBC, Fusion, 'Inside Edition' and Sirius XM, among other outlets.


February 26 - May 3, 2015


Eunuch Tapestry 5

Zachari Logan

Through large-scale drawing, ceramics and installation practices, artist Zachari Logan evolves a visual language that explores intersections between masculinity, identity, memory and place. The site-specific drawing Logan created specifically for installation in the Wooster Street Window Gallery is from a series of mural-scaled pastel drawings that cite the famous "Unicorn Tapestries" in the Cloisters collection in NYC. These drawings mix the local and the exotic to become dream-like manifestations of recollection. Although observation-based works, Logan combines elements in a way that could not exist in the natural world, so are fictive. Logan amalgamates patterned foliage (from personally sourced images of flora and fauna collected from sites in North America and Europe) suggesting the flattening patterns flora and fauna in textiles, further referencing the liminal spaces queer bodies inhabit.

Zachari Logan was born in 1980 in Saskatoon where he continues to reside, engaging a full-time studio practice. Logan’s focus on drawing, ceramics and installation practices intersect issues of personal identity, place and queerness, largely engaging his own body as reference. His work had shown across North America and Europe and has been featured in many publications worldwide.

Opening Reception: February 26, 6-8 pm


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Schedule and dates are subject to change. Please check back often for updated information.  

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